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8 thoughts on “Toolbox

    1. Tiona, thank you it was my pleasure being able to provide this content for you. Let me know if there’s any additional assistance you need.

  1. What’s up man, I came onto A few of your comments on bigger pockets, I been going through you site pretty cool. I am working on building my own businesses the main issue is time to find properties for wholesaling I am educated just putting it to action. Thanks for the content I just wanted to reach out.

  2. I spoke with Marcus today on the 30 minuet call. The call was very informative. He gave me some valuable insights into the wholesaling business. We actually talked for about 45 minuets as he kept giving me jewels of information. We touched everything from marketing strategies, to how to approach sellers, to how to pull lists for the best response rates. Marcus gave me all this info completely free and never tried to sell me anything. I’m grateful for the knowledge and I can’t wait until he offers a mentorship program!

  3. What’s up Marcus. I’m about to make the plunge and your videos have been very informative and empowering. My plan is to buy a list and start a direct mail program. Thanks for being a resource.

    1. Mia download the birddog bible and it will explain everything you need to know, after reading it and you still have questions lets talk. Schedule the free consultation

  4. Christopher Hall says

    So that deal fell through, didn’t get it under contract. Kept at it and now have one under contract, and looking for a buy and hold buyer now. Again if it wasn’t for the call I got from you I wouldn’t of started to take action. Thank you very much.

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