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Newbie Wholesaler Having Trouble Getting Started: Try This

Newbie Wholesaler Having Trouble Getting Started: Try This


Newbie Wholesaler Having Trouble Getting Started: Try This…..This video will show you the main thing you need to accomplish to get started. As a real estate investor/wholesaler there is no trick or gimmick. By just doing this one task consistently will bring you closer to closing a deals. Its not rocket …

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Free or Low Cost Tools for Wholesalers

Have you heard “get started investing without using any of your own money”, sure you have and many people believe this statement. However we all know nothing in life is free. I do agree there is a cost for most things. In this article I am going to introduce to you some free or low cost tools for wholesalers to …

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What Should Be In The Wholesale Contract

One of the most complicated tasks when starting out is knowing the legal ramifications of what should  be in the wholesale contract. This article will be a great foundation to start with. However, laws are different in each state, so the best advice in this article is to consult an attorney.

Starting out can be expensive with legal fees. In …

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What’s the Differnce Between Birddogging and Wholesaling?

What’s the Differnce Between Birddogging and Wholesaling?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sharon Vornholt on her podcast Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing. Sharon is one of the most influential real estate investor in Louisville, Kentucky. We discussed what’s the difference between birddogging and wholesaling, and an awesome way to get started as a real estate investor.…


The 5 Areas Where Newbies Trip and Fall in Wholesaling


There are many moving parts to any real estate transaction, and many people get snagged in one of these parts. With wholesaling these parts can trip you up very quickly.

The 5 Areas Newbies Trip and Fail in Wholesaling

Although this list is not all encompassing of a wholesale transaction, there are just a few parts that can cause you …


Wholesaling: Warning Newbie Start Here First


Many newbies believe that the best way to crack the real estate industry is to start in wholesaling. This is your warning, newbies: stop wholesaling now. This is the biggest load of crap that the gurus ever told you.

If you have ever had the inkling to start investing, the first thing you hear is:

“No Money No Problem”