Meet Marcus E. Maloney

The Dreamer

As a young boy growing up on a 59 acre farm 50 minutes south of Chicago, I would look up at the stars and image my future. With the sound of frogs echoing through the night and the glimmer of the bright moon shining down it was refreshing to have a moment alone.
During those times alone I would dream of owning a high-rise in downtown Chicago. Although Chicago is dubbed the second city it is always first in my heart. Owning a patch of the beautiful landscape was the beginning of my real estate dream.

My Entrepreneurial Beginning

I was always entrepreneurial. As a child I sold beads on safety pins which all my friends wore on their shoes. This became a trend throughout my grammar school and was very profitable. Each pin sold for .50 cent and the overhead cost was minimal. Before long I was able to purchase the transformer toy I always wanted.
I am now a successful real estate investor, author, father, friend, mentor, and husband. I love real estate, but what I really enjoy is the opportunity to help those who find themselves with an undesirable housing situation and I am able to assist them and provide them with some relief.

My Introduction to Real Estate

My first experience with real estate, I was 12 and my parents bought a fire damage property and another Junker. Although at the time I did not understand the reason behind the purchase, I knew it was more work. Growing up on the farm we (family) were no strangers to work so these properties were just another responsibility added to the load. The boys of the family (including cousins) had the responsibility of helping the contractors with the demo and other small task to lighten the expense.
These projects became successful endeavor for my parents. Before flipping homes was a known moniker in the real estate industry, my parents ventured out and took the risk of being investors. The end results were profitable the fire damage home was sold a few years later after being a rental and netted a sizeable profit. The other property we still hold today in our portfolio.

Today: I am Enjoying My Journey

My journey has brought me to the greatest responsibility a man could ever have; being a loving husband and father. I know this is my greatest accomplishment and the most fun I have in life is being with my wife and 3 beautiful children.
Enjoying the free time with my family would not be possible without hard work and effort. As the Founder and Principle of Equity Realty & Investments & 3rd Generation Mgmt Holding I’ve assisted with an innumerable amount of real estate transactions. In addition to journaling my various experiences as an investor I’ve also contributed by writing many articles for BiggerPockets; one of the industry leaders in real estate investing educational resources.
My formal education includes a Master of Business Administration Degree. Also in an effort to help redevelop communities I’ve assisted with the development of State licensed facilities that acquire property for transitioning youth.
My journey has been challenging but I believe that I am doing what God has created me to do.