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Hard Work Over Adversity

Posted by Marcus Maloney on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I hope these few words of encouragement will help you stay the course. Many times we face adversity and begin to talk our way out of our change. I’ve learned that adversity is the way and it alone should provide motivation.

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2 thoughts on “Hard Work Over Adversity

  1. Hi Marcus, thanks for the words of encouragement. This actually came at the right time because I’m at the time when things are really tough just with everything making me rethink my decision in getting in the real estate business, but I know these are just challenges that i need to welcome and face head on. I feel what you’re saying though about the things you went through growing up because i went through the same exact thing with my father and life. It’s just nice and encouraging to know that even after all that you still manage use all those bad experiences to work to your benefit instead of dwelling on it and being negative about life. Well, I just wanted to let you know that. And about the weather here in Chicago, I think the worst has come and gone, coming from -20°f last week to now at almost 50°f this is like summer. Well, i hope you have a good day. Stay blessed and keep sharing those words of encouragement coming.

    1. Rodel,
      Thank you for watching I’m glad my words could help. Remember adversity is only for a moment. Chicago is thawing out that’s great I was there right in between snow storms 2 weeks ago. Let me know if you need anything. Glad you’re a reader and watcher

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