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Reason Why We Love Real Estate Investing!

Reason why we love real estate investing

Wholesalers there’s other reasons we love real estate investing and this video will give you another reason why. There have to be purpose behind what you do. Meet Chris and Mrs. Ozeal our seller she will explain how we helped her out of a dire situation.

Want to learn how we are doing …

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Hard Work Over Adversity

Posted by Marcus Maloney on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I hope these few words of encouragement will help you stay the course. Many times we face adversity and begin to talk our way out of …

Investor Stories, Video

Wholesaling: $8000 in 2 Phone Calls

Marcus Maloney from Equity Real Estate shows you how real estate wholesaling can generate money for additional investing opportunities. Here’s a recent property he wholesaled with 2 phone calls that profited $8000 one call to the seller and one to his premiere buyer.

Wholesaling real estate is the process of finding and controlling discounted real estate then flipping it to …