The 5 Areas Where Newbies Trip and Fall in Wholesaling


There are many moving parts to any real estate transaction, and many people get snagged in one of these parts. With wholesaling these parts can trip you up very quickly.

The 5 Areas Newbies Trip and Fail in Wholesaling

Although this list is not all encompassing of a wholesale transaction, there are just a few parts that can cause you …


Wholesaling: Warning Newbie Start Here First


Many newbies believe that the best way to crack the real estate industry is to start in wholesaling. This is your warning, newbies: stop wholesaling now. This is the biggest load of crap that the gurus ever told you.

If you have ever had the inkling to start investing, the first thing you hear is:

“No Money No Problem”



Wholesale Assignment Agreement vs Double Close- Which is Right for You


Wholesale Assignment vs Double Close

There are a few different was to close a wholesale transaction, and this week I just want to share an experience on one of my closing. This is to give you an insight on which direction to take when it comes to closing a wholesale transaction.

The transaction I referenced above is a deal that …