2 thoughts on “The Birddog Bible

  1. Mr Maloney thank you so much for the free downloads, I plan to use them imediately.
    My name is Vanessa Brown and I am a Real estate agent as well. Located in New Jersey. Recently I contacted a national title company to introduce myself as a Birddog and inquired about their experience in working with assignments and Wholesalers. The president of the company asked me to send him example docs of what I was referring to. Maybe I should be concerned that he doesn’t know what I am talking about, however I’ll send the docs anyway and wait for his response.
    I do appreciate your holistic approach to educating your following on how to operate within the industry. I have been Licensed since 1997, but haven’t done much work with my license. I learn something new everytime I watch your you-tube channel. The information is always thourough and easy to understand.

    Keep up the good work and the Good News.
    Be encouraged and un-stoppable!

    1. Vanessa, thanks for reading I also have great videos on youtube.com/marcusmaloney thats not on this blog that can provide a step by step visual of some of the processes. Also feel free to contact me I do a FREE 30 minute consultation as well to help steer people in the right direction. Lets talk here’s the link for the consultation https://uc435-b7befa.pages.infusionsoft.net/

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