4 thoughts on “21 Questions You Must Ask the Title Co.

  1. I am a realtor and just ran into some wholesalers that
    are enthusiastic and are looking to have contact with
    a realtor for the mls and other services.

    Your videos offered a lot of information.

    Thanks for the effort you have put into your videos to
    give good advice to the real estate community.

    1. Bob, thanks for watching. I’m an Agent as well and I know there’s a gap in education on how investors/wholesalers can work with us.

  2. Good morning Mr. Maloney,

    I am brand new to this world. Just doing the research right now. Thank you for the info you shared. I currently live in Houston TX and have no mentor so I am very nervous about starting, but the info you gave is on time ans very helpful….any additional tips would be welcomed…. Leavinghislegacy@gmail.com

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